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You need someone to capture the events on your big day, to freeze them in images, and to capture the smiles and emotions in videos. Someone who will be there to witness the event and whose passion it is to both take images and record the feelings. Because they are once-in-a-lifetime emotions, precious memories should be preserved as images.

Pre/Post Wedding  Photography

Pre Wedding Photography

Pre-wedding photoshoot are for couples who want beautiful images of their relationship without having to deal with the headaches of wearing bulky wedding attire, wearing jewellery, having a large crowd of people around, or taking obnoxious selfies. Photographers at the pre-wedding photoshoot aim to capture the couple's lovely expressions, candid moments, and feelings. Your album becomes more colorful with these photos.  Our Pre wedding candid photo shoots tell your love story in a beautiful and cinematic way, making them the best memories of your life together.

Pre wedding Photography


Wedding & Reception Photography


Wedding Photography in coimbatore

Camouflageclicks Photography constantly works to offer our customers top-notch traditional wedding photography services. Our job on your big day is to tell your wedding story with our professional photography style. The wedding was celebrated in a beautiful, traditional way, and we feel that everyone in their family is filled with heartfelt emotions and happiness. The way our candid wedding photography captured your wedding was unique. The best way to capture those special moments and emotions is to capture them in a natural way. In light of this, you should contact us today for more information on how we can document your big day.

Wedding Photography

Maternity Photography


Maternity Photography

Today, maternity photography are more popular than ever before. Imagine having pictures from every stage of your family on your walls, from your marriage to the birth of your first child all the way down to the time you become grandparents. A lot of people have their wedding photos hanging on the walls of their homes. The moment in time captured by maternity photos is equally as precious as your wedding day photography. It's huge that you're welcoming a new child into your family and house. Like your wedding day, it's definitely a moment that deserves professional maternity photographs.To freeze your motherhood find the best candid photography shots with your baby bump. Book for Maternity Candid photoshoot in Coimbatore.

Maternity Photography


Birthday Photography

Kids Birthday Photography

Life is always amazing with a baby.

Now it's time to capture the cute little one ,who is shifting from month to month. The first birthday is not only to celebrate the newborn, the special day is also to celebrate the first year of parenthood. The first birthday is for all of us to enjoy, celebrate, and make the best memories for the child. Make your kids' childhood memories with First Birthday Photography with professional  photographers. Enjoy your kids' childhood memories with them in the future and see their cute faces again.

Kids Birthday Photography

Puberty Photography

Puberty Photography

Puberty ceremonies are a centuries-old tradition for many cultures around the world, and often involve elaborate rituals and ceremonies to celebrate the transition from childhood to adulthood. As a result, many families choose to commemorate this special event with photography. 

Puberty ceremony photography is often aimed at capturing both the traditional aspects of the ceremony as well as the joy and emotion that comes with the celebration. Photographers typically try to capture the ceremony’s details such as the clothing, jewelry, and other decorations, as well as the reactions of the participants. 

Puberty Photography

Fashion Photography

The promotion of fashion brands is greatly aided by fashion photography. Fashion photography is vital for your brand even if you work in a different industry that is closely related to the fashion industry.

Model Photoshoot


The promotion of fashion brands is greatly aided by fashion photography. Fashion photography is vital for your brand even if you work in a different industry that is closely related to the fashion industry.

Model Photoshoot

We are a group of enthusiastic, young wedding photographers in Coimbatore here to capture the beauty of the most joyous day of your life. We let the images to speak for our effort. Wedding photography, candid wedding photography, destination wedding photography, pre- and post-wedding photography, outdoor candid photography, traditional videography, and candid videography are some of the photographic types that highlight our abilities.

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