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Bridal Makeup Checklist -How to choose the perfect Makeup Artist for Your Big Day

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A bridal makeup artist is a person who uses their expertise in the beauty industry to help a woman look her best on her wedding day. They can assist with makeup products, hair styling, and more. It is essential for you to work with a wedding makeup artist who has experience in this industry.

There are some questions you should ask makeup artists before selecting them as makeup artists for your big day, whether you're a bride who knows exactly who she wants or are confused by the choices at hand.

Here are the top 10 questions you should ask your makeup artist..

1. Are you available on [enter wedding date]?

You should probably ask this question because it is the most obvious one. But in addition to asking about their availability, find out whether they have another event scheduled for that day. Some cosmetic artists cram two or three appointments into one day. Do keep your location and schedule in mind, since delays can make things more stressful!


2. What are your rates for bridal makeup?

 There is always a wedding makeup artist out there for any price range. Rates will always be determined by experience, education, tools, and brands used. Inquire about using hypoallergenic brands if you frequently break out. If so, what would they charge? Be direct about your budget and expectations.


3. What does your package include?

Your potential wedding makeup artist might provide cool extras as part of her service, just like with any other product or service. Does the service include discounted hairstylists or free makeup for one another person?


4. How much does bridesmaid makeup cost? What are the makeup costs for the mother of the bride?

Great memories are created by getting the girls together before your big day! But doing so would also require them to get glammed up at the same time.  Get the bridesmaid and mother-of-the-bride rates from your makeup artist (and make it clear who shoulders the cost).


5 . Would you be open to trying to visit (Location you'll be getting ready)

Some makeup artists only accept one client per day. While others schedule a number of appointments. Ask if the makeup artist you're choosing is willing to travel to your location. If so, are there additional fees for out-of-town events?

6. Can I see your portfolio?

The work of the potential wedding makeup artist reveals a lot about her talent and sense of style. A dedicated makeup artist will always have an album with them.

7. Do I provide my own products, or is that your responsibility?

Some makeup artists will be more than delighted to use your personal collection, even though most prefer to use their own tools and cosmetics. Just be aware of costs and fees because they can be the same, whichever makeup brand you choose.

8. What kind of bridal makeup style would you suggest for me?

Your skin tone and facial structure will determine the most attractive bridal makeup for you. Decide which look best complements your traits.


9. How long will it take to do my makeup (and the makeup for everybody else who requires it)?

It could take some time for wedding makeup professionals. After all, beautiful things shouldn't be rushed. There are time limits on wedding events. Your makeup artist shouldn't sacrifice on quality. Furthermore, you don't want anyone to miss out on hair and makeup! Tell the wedding makeup artist how long she has to work her magic in advance.


10. How many artists will be working on the wedding day?

The majority of makeup artists work alone. However, you might come across people who offer their services collectively. On the day of your wedding, know who to expect. Find out what they do by asking them.

If your makeup artist is unavailable to do your makeup on the day of my wedding, always have a backup plan. If you had an outdoor wedding, you undoubtedly had a backup plan in case it rained. Yet, be ready for anything. You cannot afford to lose because the makeup artist of your choice has a personal emergency. Understand your alternatives and backup plans. So, always have Plan B.

Make use of these tips to choose your favorite makeup artist, look pretty, and feel confident to walk down the aisle to the better half of your dreams.

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