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Tips to choose photos for Indian Wedding Album



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Many couples choose albums because they don't want their wedding photos to be limited to USBs and want to leave tangible memories of their wedding day to future generations. Albums are treasures that are so valued! It can be overwhelming to choose the pictures for your wedding album, so it's crucial to take one step at a time

In general, we recommend selecting your photographs on a desktop or laptop computer because having access to a mouse and keyboard can speed up and simplify the process. It is typically simpler to write your selection down with a pen and paper if you would rather use an iPad or similar device.

Now, it's time to get our recommendations and tips on how to choose photos for your wedding album.


1. Wedding details photos

Everything about the wedding, from the invitation to the shoes to the dress to the wedding bands, is special and was designed with love. These detailed images are a good place to start because they immediately convey the wedding's style. For your wedding album, every aspect of your wedding should be captured. The wedding stationery (invitation, menu, etc.), jewellery, bouquet, various accessories, venue décor, decor items, signage, rings, ring pillow, etc. are all included in this.

How to choose photos for indian wedding album


2. Getting ready photos

Choose photos that capture the beginnings of your day. Select photos of the bride and groom after they step into their wedding dresses for the first time, such as the bride putting on her earrings, the groom putting on his jacket and buttoning it, straightening his tie, and putting on his cufflinks, etc. Don't forget to include photos of the venue and the special person who made you look lovely on your wedding day.

How to choose photos for Indian wedding album


3. First Look photos

A "first look" photography shot is a candid moment captured between a couple on their wedding day before the ceremony. The emotion of special moments when couples first see each other in your wedding finery—a perfect keepsake of a memorable and emotional moment. The purpose of the first look is to capture the couple's genuine emotions and create a unique memory that they can cherish for years to come.


4. Ring Exchange photos

"Ring exchange” photos are a memory that captures a special moment when two people exchange wedding rings. It usually features the couple looking into each other’s eyes with their hands clasped around the rings, and it is a symbol that they are committing themselves to each other for the rest of their lives. It’s a sweet, romantic memento that captures the emotion that will last a lifetime.

How to choose photos for Indian Wedding Album

6. Reception Ceremony

The traditional decorations, music, and dance add to the celebration of the union of two families. When it comes to taking photos at an Indian reception, there are so many moments that are special and worth preserving.

Choose the special moments and emotions shared between the couple and their families. Take photos of the guests enjoying the festivities by dancing, socializing, laughing, etc. Get close-up shots of the flowers, decorations, and other details; they make for beautiful memories. Photos of all the delicious dishes and reception cakes that are eye-catching and taste good will make for a great reminder of the day.

How to choose photos for indian wedding album


7. Ceremony shots

With dozens of rituals and ceremonies, Indian weddings are a rich and vibrant affair. From the mehndi ceremony to the sangeet night, each event of an Indian wedding is special and unique.

Choose the best photos that capture the rituals and ceremonies, the details of the decorations, the bride and groom's attire, the family and friends, and the emotions of the participants. 

For the Mehendi ceremony, select the photos that capture the intricate designs of the Mehendi on the bride's hands and feet and shots of the bride and groom being showered with petals and blessed by their elders.

For Sangeet night, choose the photos that capture the fun and joy of the wedding—photographs of the bride and groom's family and friends dancing, singing, and having a great time together.

How to choose photos for indian wedding album

For the wedding ceremony, choose photos that highlight the bride and groom's attire, the decorations, and the rituals. Select the shots of the bride being brought in a palanquin, the groom's arrival on a decorated horse, and the bride and groom exchanging garlands as the best photos to treasure.

Among the many rituals of a Hindu marriage, tying the thali (a sacred thread), also known as Mangalam, serves as the most important and essential ritual of all. Choose the photos that cherish the memory of when the Bride & Groom turns into Husband and Wife.

8. Family Formal photos

The wedding day is one of the most special days in a family's life. It’s impossible to include every single family portrait, but include one spread with photos of your immediate family.   

The most important family shot to select is the formal portrait of the bride and groom with both of their families together. This is a great way to capture the moment when all of your loved ones come together to celebrate your union. 

With the right photographer, family shots on the wedding day will be a beautiful way to remember the love and joy shared on the day. 

How to choose photos for Indian wedding albums

It should be enjoyable to choose the pictures for your wedding album. Please let us know if you find that the process is not enjoyable so that we can help you. Look through the photographer's favorites section in your collection of wedding pictures. This is a great place to start because it includes the day's highlights.