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Newborn to One year - Capturing the first moments



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Every parent wants to capture their child's growth, especially during the first year.. During the first year of life, a baby goes through many different stages of growth. Every parent enjoys photographing his or her child, and once you become a parent, your smartphone gallery will be full to the brim with photos of your child. Photographs of your child will undoubtedly bring you joy, but there are some special moments that you must capture as your baby goes through many lifelong milestones such as sitting, walking, expressing emotions, and so on. And having a photo shoot at these landmarks is the best way to preserve these memories.

Different Status to photoshoot your Babies

Newborn: Capture the moment your baby is born and the first time you hold them. 

One Month: Celebrate your baby’s first month with a photo shoot to capture all the tiny details that you’ll want to remember. 

Three Months: Capture your baby’s growing personality with a photo session as they start to interact with their surroundings.

Six Months: Get ready to make some silly faces with your baby as they start to discover their personalities and show them off with a photoshoot. 

Nine Months: Capture your baby’s growing independence with a photo shoot as they learn to crawl, stand and explore.

One Year: Celebrate your baby’s first year of life with a photo shoot that captures all their happy milestones.

Newborn Photoshoot
Nothing is more pure and divine than a newborn. A newborn represents the birth of a new life in this world and experiences rapid growth during its first month. So, if you want to remember the first time you held your baby, you should schedule a newborn photo shoot within one month of the baby's birth. 

Newborn Baby Photoshoot


The best time for a newborn photo shoot is between 15 and 30 days. When the baby is a month old, he begins to develop resistance to poses as he grows stronger. As a result, many very unique newborn poses will be impossible to achieve after a month of newborn birth.

This photo shoot is also one of the most important photo sessions because it will bring back memories of the first time you saw your baby. So, if you want to do a newborn photo shoot, start planning for it during your pregnancy.

1-3 month Baby Photoshoot

When a newborn reaches the age of one month, he begins to develop strength and facial features. This is where we begin comparing a baby's features to those of mom and dad. This is also the time when the baby begins to respond to external stimuli such as touch, noise, love, and so on. Baby starts to notice his or her parents' comfort.

So, if you want to remember when your baby first started showing facial expressions, this is the best timeline you should look at. The best timeframe for this specific milestone is when the baby is between the ages of one and three months.

6-9 Month Baby Photoshoot

Nothing is more exciting to a baby than his/her first time sitting. As this is the age when a baby begins to see the world as we all do, face to face. During this timeline, the baby begins to express all emotions and expressions. As their curiosity grows during this period, babies begin interacting with different objects.

Baby Photoshoot


So, if you're looking for a specific theme-based photo shoot, now is the time to do it. A sitter photo shoot is best done between the ages of 6 and 9 months. This time frame is also ideal for family portraits. So, if you're looking for the perfect family photo session, now is the best time.


1 Year Photoshoot

This photo shoot is crucial because it can be used to capture many life events. First and foremost, it is about your baby turning one year old. This is also most likely the time when your baby begins to walk, which is a huge life milestone

First Birthday photoshoot will offer you a two-for-one deal. The best time for this photo shoot is around our baby's first birthday. Another significant difference in this photo shoot is that it would be better done in an outdoor setting. 

Because your baby has started walking, rather than confining the baby in an indoor space, it would be much more excitable for the baby if you did it outside. You will be able to capture his walking steps, family poses, and baby curiosity in a wider range in an outdoor setting.

Cake Smash Photoshoot

A cake smash photo shoot is an amazing way to remember everything that has happened in the first year. It allows you to capture your baby's curiosity and personality.

1st Brithday Photoshoot

It's time for your one-year-old baby to make a mess on their first birthday by smashing a cake and having those funny and special moments captured by a skilled photographer.

First birthdays are much more of a celebration for both the parent and the baby.It's quite amusing to look back and see all of the amazing things you've done as a parent. You have made it through an amazing yet exhausting first year filled with dirty diapers, late nights, stress, love, giggles, tears, and so much more.

Many parents use these happy moments on their child's first birthday invitations.Choose two or three complementary theme colours, dress the birthday boy/girl in one of these colours, find a cake in complementary colours, and smash away.

Hire a professional if you want to go for an extraordinary Baby photoshoot session. Capture all of your beautiful memories and give them to your children in the future so they can cherish those memories together.

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