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Managalsutra - Importance of Tying Three knots



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Managalsutra or the "sacred thread" is a symbol of marital bond and is considered to be an important part of a Hindu marriage. The word Managalsutra is derived from two words – ‘Mangal’ which means auspicious and ‘Sutra’ which means thread.Managalsutra is an important symbol of a Hindu marriage ceremony and is a visual representation of the bond between a husband and wife and also a symbol of faith in the marriage and the couple’s commitment to each other.It is one of the most important symbols of marriage for Hindus and is considered to be a symbol of love, commitment and loyalty between the husband and wife.

Tying 3 Knots (Moondru Mudichi)

The most important and essential ritual of a Hindu marriage is the tying of Thaali (a sacred thread), also known as Mangalyam.

Manasa, Vaacha, and Karmena are the three knots used in Hindu marriages.The three knots represent the bridegroom's pledge to accept her as his wife through three channels: Manasa (thoughts), Vacha (speech), and Karmana (actions).

The couple will only be recognised as  husband and wife after the groom ties the sacred thread around the bride's neck three times. Tying the thaali is known as 'mangalya dhaaram,' and the three knots are known as'moondru mudichi.

Importance of tying three knots

Which conveys the message:

I'm putting this holy thread around your neck because it's necessary for my long life. May we be blessed with many fortunate traits for a long and fulfilling life for a hundred years.

The first two knots that the groom ties symbolise their devotion to one another and guarantee the safety of the bride. The third knot, which is tied by the bridegroom's sister, represents the commitment of the two families.

The three knots can also represent the manasa, vaacha, and karmena promises made by the husband to his adored wife. it entails stating it, acting on it, and believing it. However, there are numerous explanations for the three knots, therefore these are not the only significances.

Importance of Managalsutra

The tradition of wearing a Managalsutra is centuries old and is an integral part of the Hindu marriage ceremony. Managalsutra is a symbol of a woman’s married status and is to be worn throughout her life.It is not just a piece of jewelry but also a symbol of her life-long commitment to her husband.


The significance of the Managalsutra is that it signifies the union of two individuals, a husband and a wife, and that this union is eternal. It is a sign of commitment and loyalty to each other and to their families, and it is seen as a symbol of the strength and unity of the two individuals. The Managalsutra is worn by the bride as a mark of her marriage. It is a reminder to her of her commitment to her husband and to their relationship. It is also a reminder to her of the promises she made to her husband on their wedding day.


Apart from being a symbol of marriage, Managalsutra is also a sign of a woman’s identity and her importance in society. It is believed that the thread is a reminder of the woman’s commitment to her husband, and it is a sign of the respect she has for him and the trust she has in him. The thread is a reminder to the woman to remain devoted and loyal to her husband, no matter what the circumstances. 


The Managalsutra is usually made of gold or black beads which are strung together in a necklace or a thread. The black beads are believed to have special significance, as they help ward off the evil eye and protect the married woman from any negative energies.It is believed that the Managalsutra helps strengthen the bond between the couple and keeps their relationship strong. The thread is also said to bring prosperity and good luck to the couple. 

However, the Mangalsutra is not just a necklace worn to suit the accessories or attire of a woman. A symbol of love, respect, and trust between a husband and wife, the Mangalsutra is a protection of the marriage spiritually and traditionally.

Some women never take off their mangalsutras, there are married women in urban areas who have professional lives and don't enjoy wearing their mangalsutras to work. Wearing something that you believe and that makes you feel attractive is totally acceptable. This will eventually bring good things into your life.

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