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Wedding Rituals in Christian Wedding Ceremony

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Have you ever had the opportunity to participate in a Christian wedding? As the top wedding photographers in Coimbatore, we have captured numerous beautiful wedding customs from various cultures. Most people believe that exchanging rings and making vows are the only elements of a Christian wedding. However, an Indian Christian wedding is actually very similar to the wedding customs of other Indian communities. The majority of us have only ever seen a Christian wedding in a movie. If you are a bride or groom from an Indian Christian community, you should be aware of all Christian wedding customs.

Christian Wedding Rituals

Match Making

Christian weddings often have traditions for finding matches, much like an arranged Indian wedding. An appropriate marriage for the Christian family's son or daughter is determined by their religious convictions, according to ritual.


The ritual of matchmaking is followed by the engagement ceremony. In front of the priest, the pair exchanges rings and then declares their upcoming marriage. A Christian groom presents clothes, jewels, and perfume to his future wife. A lavish celebration is held to mark the start of a Christian wedding.

Christian Wedding Rituals


Bridal Shower

The Christian bride enjoys doing all of her favorite activities on this day. An event known as a bridal shower is typically hosted for the bride-to-be in the months before her wedding. Her close friends and family will have the chance to celebrate her forthcoming wedding and help her get pumped for the big day. Because this is a special occasion for the bride, men are not permitted. Aunts, grandmothers, the mother of the bride, and the mother of the groom are frequent attendees at bridal showers. With her sister and girlfriends, she enjoys a fun-filled party and obtains her favorite food.The main purpose of the party is for all your female friends to come over and shower them with gifts in anticipation of your new life as a married woman.


Bachelorette Party

Christian grooms enjoy themselves before their wedding day, too. The night before the wedding, a lot of Christian brides and grooms have enjoyable nights out with their friends and attend parties. A Christian man celebrates his bachelorhood with his friends by planning a cocktail party, an outdoor adventure, and a movie night. There are lots of beverages, music, and dancing during a Christian bachelorette party.

Christian Wedding Rituals


Roce Ceremony

Like  Haldi ceremony ,Roce ceremony is traditional  christian wedding rituals. Next, the mother of the bride or groom marks a cross on their forehead and places a few drops of holy water in each of their ears to begin the process. It is believed to bless them and open their ears so they can hear each other clearly, which is a crucial component of any fulfilling relationship. The bride/groom is then blessed with the Roce by family members, close relatives, close friends, and the guests, with leftover Roce being poured over their heads. By cracking eggs, slathering their heads with beer and whipped cream, friends make it entertaining.


Sangeet Ceremony

Christian pre-wedding celebrations now include a Sangeet ceremony.  Sangeet is definitely on the list if the soon-to-be wedded pair wants to indulge in a little extravagance and increase the fun. The bride and groom's relatives and friends put on dance performances to mark the start of their new and everlasting love.

Christian Wedding Rituals


Wedding attire 

Of course, the wedding clothing is one of the primary components of a Christian wedding. Depending on which state in India you are from, different clothing is appropriate. If you're from the Konkan/Goan region, the bride typically wears a white gown while the groom wear a formal suit. In contrast, a bride and groom from the south wear a silk saree and a formal suit to their wedding. Apart from the bride and groom, the prospectiv newlyweds choose the bridesmaids' and groomsmen's outfits for the special day.

Christian Wedding Rituals


Blessing of wedding dresses

The bride and groom get ready in their houses before a Christian wedding. The bride's attire and jewellery are initially brought to the  priest to receive the holy blessing. The bride's attire is then delivered, along with presents and treats, by the groom's family. There, the bride's relatives and friends assist her in getting dressed, and the same is true for the groom. Although there is a lot of chaos around this time of day, everyone is joyful for the new beginning, so it is filled with love.

Christian Wedding Rituals


Walking Down The Aisle

In a Christian wedding, the bridal entry is a crucial part of the ceremony. A Christian bride must enter the church with her parents, which is a very emotional event. The bride's father takes his daughter into the church, where the bridegroom is waiting for her. The flower girls lead the way, while the bride and groom's parents follow behind after the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Christian Wedding Rituals


Wedding mass

The family priest reads the Bible testaments aloud to everyone before the bride enters the church and takes a seat next to her groom. The priest then explains to everyone the wedding's religious significance. Additionally, the wedding party joins the church choir in singing blessings for the newlyweds.

Christian Wedding Rituals


Wedding Vows

The ritual of the wedding vows is the most beautiful part of a Christian wedding. These vows are very sacred and unique. Before everyone , the bride and groom make a public commitment to stay together forever. The pair exchanges vows and then declares their commitment to one another by kissing.

Christian Wedding Rituals


Wedding Thali

A lovely combination of Indian and Christian culture can be seen in this Christian wedding ceremony. The Christian groom ties the bride with a gold pendant or thali after exchanging vows. This thali resembles a mangalsutra in India. The Christian husband presents his bride with a wedding saree or a veil, which she wears over her head, after performing this ritual.

Christian Wedding Rituals


Bouquot Toss

The bride stands facing the other way and throws her bridal bouquet in the air in the direction of her bridesmaids. It is believed that the female who receives the flower bouquet would shortly get married.


Wedding Reception

The celebration of a Christian wedding takes place during the day. There, people get to celebrate the marriage of the newlyweds. It is a fun-filled event that is full of food, entertainment, music, and dancing. At the reception for a Christian wedding, the newlyweds cut a beautiful cake. As part of the wedding ritual, the bride and groom engage in a variety of entertaining games.



A Christian wedding has some of the most beautiful wedding traditions. An Indian Christian wedding is not only unique and gorgeous, but also special and elegant. Every individual has a unique manner of adhering to and expressing rituals and traditions. Looking forward to your own Christian wedding? To make your fantasy wedding a reality, consult with a wedding photographer in Coimbatore.