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How to choose the Right Location for your Pre/Post Wedding Photoshoot



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Choosing the right location is an indispensable factor in the photography session. The natural light effect plays a major factor in producing the best quality photo that you are looking for. For important occasions, choosing the right location in the minimal amount of time that they have got in the photography session is always a challenging task. Let’s look at the suggestions that can solve the hurdles to make the best photo output for your events that can help you in the long way!

1. Make a choice from Photographer’s website and social media account 

The best way to figure out the right location for your photography session is to find out which type of location suits you by making a choice from the websites and social media profiles (i.e Instagram, Facebook) of the photographer. It can give you a better idea of what to expect from the creative minds of the photographer. Every photographer has a unique style of making the photography session the best way possible. Make sure about your choice of photo and location with the help of previous works, and save the precious time that you got in your photography session.

2. Plan with multiple nearby locations 

For planning ahead for the photography session make sure to have multiple locations for better alternatives of choice. Even In case, the prime location that you have to opt for isn’t satisfactory you can still proceed ahead with the choice of alternative nearby locations which can turn better in your favour. 

For Example, Having an alternate option of Narasipuram when your prime choice of location is Siruvani which is just around 10 km of distance is one best choice in making the best post-wedding photography in Coimbatore. 

 3. Choose a quiet place 

When it comes to making the best efforts to give your moments of pose to the photography session make sure you choose to select a quiet and relaxed place without much traffic as possible. This is why village photoshoots stand out for post-wedding photography. The silent and peaceful nature of the village atmosphere makes your event more delightful to the core. In addition, there are a few places in the city which have a calm atmosphere too.

Some of the best calm places to photoshoot are Sirvuvani falls, Monkey falls, Elements Palm valley, Narasipuram, Anaikatti, Ukkadam-Valankulam Lake etc.

4. Indoor Photography 

For best Portrait Photography effects Indoor always stands best to make the photo more elegant and with photography props which help to visualize the idea of the photographer and produce the best output as much as possible. The lighting setups can help to create great effects. 

The best thing about Indoor photoshoots is that you can always shoot and make your photography session progress without any worry about the weather condition. There is no need to worry about the wind, heat, and dust when it comes to indoor photography. The wedding halls and Professional photo studios with indoor setups are available at a large scale in Coimbatore.

 5. Choose the location that matches your style 

When it comes to choosing the location of the event make sure the location that you are about to choose matches your style and taste. Outfits that you are about to use in the event can help you to understand the right choice of location which will eventually make your photo yo look more aesthetic. The Background of the photoshoot will align in a much better way with your picture if the location is suited to your outfits such as ethnic and western wear.

6. Make sure about the proper Timing of the photo shoot 

Time also plays a major role in the photography session of your event. The morning and evening times will deliver a great vibe to your photos without any hurdles of the sunlight. The light will be bright and vibrant. Moreover, these time schedules can make your photography sessions a much calm ambience that delivers great results for the final output. So making sure about well-planned timing ahead of the photoshoot is an essential factor along with choosing the right location.

7. Check the weather forecast 

Weather also plays a major factor in choosing the right location for the photoshoot. Make sure about the weather condition with weather forecast from google to make proper predictions that rain won’t be a factor that can stop you from your photography session. On the good side, the post-rain natural green scenario will be greater than the usual day, which helps to create great photos which can exceed your expectations. So the strategy of choosing the right nearby locations during the monsoon season will help you to create a great photoshoot.

8. The colour of the environment 

Colour plays a major role in photoshoots which needs to be aligned with your outfits. Choosing the right location or scenario which matches your outfit will deliver freshness that you have not even imagined. The colour of the environment adds visual appeal to the viewer’s attention and emotion.

Each photographer has a unique style way of making the best photo output possible. The location plays a huge factor in making it an even more beautiful journey in your photography session. Enjoy your moments with the photography session by booking in *Photo-Pointy* and get the best results delivered for your precious events.