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How to choose the right wedding photography style for your Wedding?



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Indian weddings are a completely new variety of colors and textures, each as unique as the nation itself. And only a wedding photographer skilled in taking pictures in this environment will do when it comes to celebrating an authentically Indian wedding. Although it's not the most popular topic when organizing an Indian wedding, photography is crucial for preserving the memories of this momentous day. The best way to make your wedding unique is to take photos that capture the joy of the occasion. To capture these new memories, you require a photographer who is familiar with Indian culture, skilled at capturing the perfect moment, and enjoyable to work with.

How Can You Find Your Perfect Style?

An extensive and drawn-out planning process is always required to create high-quality wedding photos. Choosing a photographic style and communicating it to your photographer should be your first step in the process. If you're unaware of the many wedding photography trends, learn about the top five trends and choose the one or ones that most appeal to you.

Candid Wedding Photography

The art of taking photos that appear to be spontaneous and unposed is known as "candid photography." The most memorable moments that happen during a wedding's celebrations are brought out by this kind of photography, so more and more couples are leaving the traditional posed portraits in favor of photos that show their unique, playful side. A new and exciting approach to wedding photography, candid photography captures the true essence of your desi wedding, from a teary-eyed father and a proud granny to the excited groom and shy bride.

Candid Wedding Photography

People really want their most heartfelt moments to be cherished in their natural context. You do have to blend into the crowd to pull this off because not everyone feels comfortable being in front of the camera.


Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional photography, as contrasted to candid photography, involves sitting portraits of people. They are aware of the fact that someone is taking their photo. The approach taken by this kind of photography is more formal. With traditional photography, the photographer can set up the ideal scene for a shot where everyone is in the best position. The couples are free to dress as they like and pose in the best possible way for them.

Traditional wedding photography

If the picture is of a newlywed couple, they will be clearly in focus in traditional photography. Additionally, traditional wedding couples will be in the center of the photo. These pictures require a lot of direction from the photographer and have a simple, timeless composition.  These pictures should be included in your wedding album, regardless of how big or small your family is. They'll make everyone in the family satisfied and happy.


Artistic Wedding Photography

Fine art wedding photographers capture photos that aren't only meant to document the event; they're meant to be treasured as works of art. With their elaborate decorations and explosion of brilliant colours, Indian weddings are a sight to behold. Photographers use all of the components of an Indian wedding from the flowers, cloth, and jewellery to the attire, cuisine, and decorations to portray your love story.

Wedding Photography

The photographers are inspired by the wide variety of colours and use a variety of methods to capture and improve the visual appeal of Indian weddings. The finest way to express who you are as a person is through fine art. Additionally, it adds value by fostering one-of-a-kind memories that will endure over time.


Documentary wedding photography

Instead of taking posed pictures, the documentary wedding photography style concentrates on capturing every moment of your big Indian wedding.  This style is the perfect option to document your special day's events chronologically from beginning to end.

Wedding Photography


This design is especially appropriate for this kind of occasion because there are many important customs that take place throughout the ceremonies and because many significant friends and family members attend.


Drone Wedding Photography

If you want to stay on top of the most recent photography trends and create unique wedding images, you must know the aerial photography trend. It should be noted that this type of work requires the use of specialized tools. You must have a decent drone with an HD camera attached before you can proceed.

Drone Wedding Photography


A bird's eye perspective will be used to capture the stunning surroundings. In this method, the composition is not crucial because every photo looks fantastic when viewed from a high point of view. There will be many opportunities for overhead photography if the wedding ceremony is mostly held indoors.

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